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About Saint John Vianney School

Our school offers grades kindergarten through twelfth grade, so the whole family can be educated in one place. Our school is authentically Catholic, rooted in Sacred Tradition and offers a well-rounded classical curriculum.

Some of the things which make up this uniquely Catholic formation include daily Mass offered by priests of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, a traditional choir and schola, and traditional devotions like Stations of the Cross, the May Crowning and Holy Hours of Reparation. All boys are given the opportunity to learn how to serve at Holy Mass, and all students are encouraged to be a part of groups such as the Junior Legion of Mary. All grades receive solid Catholic catechesis, and with the help of our dedicated priests, students are prepared at the proper time for the reception of the sacraments.

Our mathematics program utilizes the Saxon Math Series. Reading skills are developed using a proven phonics program. Religion is based on the Baltimore Catechism for the lower levels, and upon Our Quest for Happiness series for the high school grades. Our science and social studies programs are developed to accord with Christian values and teachings. At the high school level, we offer a full college preparatory curriculum which includes the study of the Latin language.

Extracurricular activities include school plays, field trips, and classical music concerts. Physical activities are conducted on our playground, which includes various play sets for the younger students and a basketball court and playing field for the older students.

Faculty members are carefully selected by the priest-chaplain of our community, and our teachers take seriously the need to nurture, not only the mind, but the entire student, body and Soul.

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